Get Involved

We invite you get involved with DWF and join this special group of wildlife crusaders to help protect endangered and threatened wildlife species on a global scale.

Miracle tiger

Watch ‘The Miracle Tiger’ featuring Kai and all the advertising revenue generated by this video will be donated to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation. Just watching and sharing this adorable video, you too can help worldwide tiger conservation efforts!

Adopt An Animal

Add a new wild branch to your family tree!
Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation supports conservation, research and education in the wild. Through the Adopt an Animal program you can help your favourite species by adopting them into your family. 100% goes to supporting wildlife projects in the wild.

To lessen our footprint on the environment we now have e-adoptions available ($20 & $50). The Adopt an Animal Program lasts for twelve (12) months.

Environmental Tip
Every day balloons are released or escape outdoor events posing a real threat to our wildlife. If you choose to take your balloons home today, please dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way and we will ensure we do the same.