Tree Kangaroo Awareness Weekend

Celebrate World Tree Kangaroo Day!

Saturday 21st May

Hop to Dreamworld this weekend as we celebrate World Tree Kangaroo Day!
We're raising awareness of Tree Kangaroos & funds to support conservation efforts across Australia!

A percentage of proceeds from the weekend will go towards supporting Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre (TRRACC) through DWF!

Visit our Tree Kangaroos

All-Day Native Nook

Enjoy Colouring In activities (Free with donation to DWF)

11am-3:30pm Presto's Training Cafe

Meet a Tree Roo during our Education Talks

2:30pm Native Nook

Decorate your own yummy Tree Roo Cookie ($4)

11am-3:30pm Presto's Training Cafe

Adopt a Tree Kangaroo!

Through the Adopt an Animal program you can help your favourite species by adopting them into your family.

Click here to adopt a Tree Kangaroo!

What is World Tree Kangaroo Day?

21 May is World Tree Kangaroo Day!

World Tree Kangaroo Day is a day dedicated to generating and raising awareness of tree kangaroos and rallying global community support for conservation organizations
assisting local community groups to save tree kangaroos and their natural habitats.

There are 14 species of tree Kangaroos found in only three countries: Papua New Guinea, Indonesia (the Province of West Papua), and Australia.

Fifty percent of all tree kangaroo species are classified as either Endangered or Critically Endangered.
Major threats to Tree Kangaroos in Australia are habitat loss and defragmentation and injury and death due to cars and dogs.

Get behind global Tree Kangaroo conservation efforts!

You can help Tree Kangaroo conservation efforts on a global scale by supporting key conservation organisations as well!

Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program

The Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre

Tree Kangaroo and Mammal Group

The Tenkile Conservation Alliance

Port Moresby Nature ParK


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